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Our freshly prepared food

delicious dessertsThey say ‘Variety is the spice of life’...

I like to provide an incredible array of World Foods. So, whether you crave a Moroccan Tagine or a Mussaman Curry, Japanese Beef on a rice cake with Wasabi, or a Thai King Prawn with a Chilli Lime dip, then look no further.

Fancy a few friends around your table, for a casual supper or smarter dinner party or buffet? Or, how about platters of delicious canapés being served by my friendly, smiling staff?

No room to sit and too many hungry people? Then bowl food is ideal, with ladles of hot and hearty comforting food in white bowls with a fork and a napkin.

Friends for the weekend and need a ready made picnic, or fed up with thinking of what to cook for the children again this half term? Then let me deliver a well-balanced and healthy variety of ready prepared delivered meals that can be frozen too.

If a loved one has passed and you need to organise food for the funeral then our sensitive approach will ease the strain




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canapes delivered to your home   dinner party and buffet party food delivered to your home


from £6.50 per head



from £6.50 starters, £12.50 mains, £6.00 desserts

bowl food delivered to your door   delivered food to your door


from £5.00 per head



from £4.50 for one person